The company’s DNA ties together the effort of our employees

The company’s DNA ties together the effort of our employees and a set of processes, and their interactions are set according to specific strategies.

The strategy is understood as a set of business guidelines that ensure optimal decision-making at any time and its purpose is to guide the efforts of all the people from the organization towards the same goal: the satisfaction of offering a good end product to our clients.

There is no strategy without organization and
an organization doesn’t make sense without a strategy.

On-time deliveries
Happy customers

History and vocation

SYNCOTECH as we know it today finds its origins in Bordas S.A. and Galvanoplastia Tauro, S.L., founded in 1963 and 1975, respectively. Nowadays, it has become a leading developer and manufacturer of plastic parts with superficial finishes in the automotive industry.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, from collaboration with development to final delivery of the product, promoting all actions that allow us to reach the levels of quality, productivity and service with the lowest cost within a framework of continuous improvement.

This commitment is extended to our staff —which is currently made up of 245 employees— through training programs, the improvement of the working environment and occupational safety and health programs.

Our vocation is to remain a strategic supplier for our clients.

SYNCOTECH has two production plants
in different strategic locations which encourage exports and communications
with Europe and the Middle East.

SYNCOTECH Santa Perpètua

Covers an area of 10,000 m2: the production plant and warehouse occupy 5,600 m2 and 800 m2 are used as offices.

Moreover, it houses the central services of our company and it includes two production plants: the Injection plant & the Finishing plant.

SYNCOTECH Santa Perpètua

SYNCOTECH Santa Perpètua
C/ Mar del Carib nº1 Pol. Ind. La Torre del Rector
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SYNCOTECH Santa Perpètua

SYNCOTECH Esparreguera
C/ Tancat de la Química, 8-18 – Pol. Ind. Sud
08292 ESPARREGUERA (Barcelona) SPAIN
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SYNCOTECH Esparreguera

This plant is located in a privileged area in terms of communications and services.

It covers an area of 10,800 m2: 5,000 m2 of built-up area and 1,700 m2 for auxiliary services.

The chrome plating process of the injected plastic parts delivered from Santa Perpetua takes place in this plant that boasts a privileged location near SEAT Martorell and various TIER 1 companies.